SheSoft 2018-19 Championship Projects - Finalists

Stems 2 Go App – Arya Gupta

Stems are the basis of many words in English. The website that I developed helps people learn stems, by the learn and test method. This could not only help kids with schoolwork, but also new immigrants and refugees who move to English-speaking countries by improving their vocabulary.  The website is built using PHP, HTML 5, CSS and Bootstrap. It creates a random set of quizzes and checks the answers. No two quizzes are the same based on the PHP random code. There are 5 levels that get progressively harder to learn and be tested. This is my first coding project.

Safe Snacks "ME Allergies" App - Madeline Blizzard and Esha Madamalla

We built an Android app called Safe Snacks to help people with food allergies know whether certain foods are safe to eat. With our app, people with allergies can scan a barcode and very easily see if the product is safe or not. The app will give you a quick yes or no to indicate if the food is safe for the specific user. Around 32 million people in the U.S. have food allergies, and 5.6 million children have food allergies. Our app will help ensure kids feel safer with the snacks they eat.

VR 3D Store App - Ashley Chon

Two of my favorite things are shopping and being lazy. I love shopping, but the fact that I must walk everywhere goes against my laziness. If I go online shopping, I can’t see what I’m buying and get frustrated when deciding to buy the product or not. My solution is to create a virtual mall. VR combines the two things in its’ name: virtual and reality. With the mall that I designed, one can feel like they are in a mall but not actually have to go anywhere. This is my solution to bringing two of my favorite things together.

Saving the Planet App - Anika Bhatia

Plastic waste is affecting everything around us, and we need to do something to stop it from hurting our planet. Using technology, we can find convenient alternatives to plastic and simultaneously raise awareness of consumption. One possibility to raise awareness is to an app, modeled after most fitness tracking apps, for people to track daily plastic usage. Applying already available technology, we must find new ways to spread the word about our dying planet.

Unwind App - Angelina Xu, Anna Linteris and Rushi Jain

Unwind is meant to help teens destress and relax from academic and social stress. First, login or sign up to create an account. We have options for everyone's needs. You can do breathing exercises and listen to different types of music and sounds, including smooth jazz and soft piano. unwind also includes a calendar function to plan out and see what you have to do for that month. In addition, you can draw and look at motivational quotes! Unwind has options for everyone's needs and help them get control of their day, and just calm down.

Medical Emergency App - Veera Singh, Lahari Bandaru and Katherine Saeed

Medical emergencies can occur at any time, and often passerby don’t know how to assist those in need. In fact, some people can take make fatal decisions, and therefore put the patient in furthermore risk. Therefore, we developed our application spread awareness of immediate emergency first-aid. Included is a descriptive article informing the user of the necessary steps to take as well as a quiz to test the reader’s knowledge. Additionally, there are two emergency buttons to notify 911 or poison control during an emergency and a read-out-loud feature. In this way, we hope to prevent emergencies from becoming fatal.

Be The Change App - Tanvi Pedireddi, Vaishnavi Alluri and Sameeksha Bujagowni

Many problems around the world today can be solved with technology. One major problem which needs attention is poverty. Our solution to this pressing problem is a convenient app. This easy-to-use app allows the user to make donations. Funds are used to provide food, shelter, and clothing to the needy. Together, we can feed the hungry, wipe out disease and give everyone in the world a chance to prosper and live a productive life.  This is possible with one tap through our app, Every person can contribute no matter how small to eradicate poverty. It all begins with one tap.

HealthList App - Sahar Yousif

HealthList is an app that teaches anyone and everyone about different health-related subjects. It goes in depth on how to treat it, what to do if you think you have it or see the main symptoms, what type of doctor to see, and more. With many different diseases and illnesses in the world, we can only learn so much..

Virlthy Food App - Asmita Kodityala and Sampriti Muthuswamy

The average American household throws away $2200 worth of food each year. 20% of the groceries that the average American buys is never eaten. We want to reduce food wastage and guide you to eat a balanced diet. Our product (Virlthy Food) gives you the healthiest custom recommendation recipes based on ingredients you already have and reduce your healthy food wastage. Virlthy Food will create shopping lists based on its estimates of how long each ingredient in your house will last. With our solution, you will always know what is in your kitchen, what to cook, and what to buy.

Reminder Earth App - Radha Vinayak & Saina Shibili

“Reminder: Earth” is a mobile application created by 8th graders Saina Shibili and Radha Vinayak, developed in order to inform and remind users to help conserve resources. It consists of two sections, a trivia game section and a daily reminders section. The trivia section generates three trivia questions related to Earth cleanliness, and the reminders section allows the user to create tasks for themselves. By using Reminder: Earth, people will learn how to help save the planet and incorporate into their lifestyle.

Discite App - Sailaja Kadali, Riona Sheikh and Shrusti Amula

Dyslexia and dyscalculia is the world's most common learning disorder, and statistics show that 17% of America's youth is dyslexic. That is a staggering 43.5 million children. In addition, 6% of the world's population or 750 million people have dyscalculia. Tutors for dyslexia and dyscalculia are expensive and hard to find locally, so it is important that all dyslexic and dyscalculic children can have a resource that they can use all the time. Our app, Discite, is targeted as a resource for parents with children who have dyslexia and dyscalculia. Discite also provides a variety of reading, writing, and basic math games to help dyslexic and dyscalculia children 8 years old and under.

Community Pollution App - Wandy Yang

Since it’s one of the most worldwide issues today, I'm creating an app that can deal with our ever-increasing problem of pollution. As we’ve known for a while now, the disposal of waste and pollution of man-made materials have caused a large amount of damage to the environment and the living organisms inhabiting it. With my app, we will be able to reduce littering, promote recycling, and control the amount of trash disposal. It’ll be able to detect trash by reading its chemical makeup, and it will make a fun, interactive game out of recycling and collecting litter.

STRESSdefied App - Ami Mundra, Akshya Mahadevan and Leavy Hu

More than 70% of teens say they suffer from a mental health issue due to stress, and this is not okay! Stress can lead to more illnesses and even suicide. STRESSdefied educates, helps, and advises the public about stress in teens. We have a story generator with hundreds of perspectives so that parents and even other teens can experience what it feels like. We also have therapists and organizations that a user can call or visit, according to their needs. Join us in our mission to save our youth, after all, we are the future of tomorrow.

EEVAL App - Eesha Somasundar and Valentina Suarez

Are you having troubles with the percentage of tax that is deducted from your paycheck? Then worry no more! EEVAL is a free intelligent income advisor which helps with tax percentages depending on your income and helps with job listings. Today in the modern world, everything revolves around money, happiness, and success. With the help of EEVAL, you can be on top of your game without breaking a stress sweat.

Habit Tracker HAT App – Sneha Kalyan

My SheSoft project was in the assistant field. The app that I created helps to set alarms/timers and remind you to do your daily chores. Did you know that over 54,449 Americans are fired in a day because they arrive to work late and/or they fail to meet deadlines? People need a platform to have alarms and reminders. I believe with more time I could have made this project more advanced by adding things like water and workout reminders. I chose this project because even though this is not a pressing issue, it’s a cause that interested me.

First Step App - Hillary Yoon, Kristine Nysmith and Madeline Magielnicki

Create website/App to support programs to raise more awareness and to help donate to organizations that are helping. By making some specifically designed for kids, it would be beneficial putting the idea of helping our environment into a young mindset. For example, we could make an Earth Scale website, but one for garbage and global warming. Users can learn about our current environment and all the factors to it, as well as learn new ways to help our ecosystem and our society. There are many global issues going on that humans tend to neglect. Global warming is a major issue that many people choose to ignore, or are unaware of. Even now, our world is changing; with ice caps melting and the sea levels rising, many landforms will soon vanish. If we do not come together to counter this problem, it will be irreversible. Together, our nation could start by using less fossil fuels. We could also implement the knowledge base for the use of electric cars and solar panels in our everyday lives to reduce our carbon footprint. Not only could this help create a sustainable environment, but create the opportunity for people to get more involved with STEM.

Global Warming & Local Solutions App - Ishani Krovvidy

I like to keep the earth for many-many more years. I thought how will I know what people do to make the earth bad. So, I made a survey, and in that survey, I asked a series of question about how they help in keeping the environment clean and safe. After that I looked at what people needed to work on, and I put this information in a website. I gave my ideas about how to help conserve the Earth and keep it beautiful. I also added a couple of pages about what global warming is and other relevant facts.  

ENUTRIET App – Jamila (Mimi) Fleet

Plastic pollution is when plastic has gathered in an area and has begun to negatively impact the natural environment. Plastic is made up of toxic chemicals that can affect the well-being of humans and animals. Plastic is not biodegradable because it is meant for durability. Reusing plastic helps reduce plastic pollution.  My idea is to make an app that could help companies who sell consumer-goods to offer an incentive (discount) for consumers to return their used-product packing to the company for reuse.  For example, a P & G Factory was just built near my house.  It may be possible to establish a recycling station there that individuals or business who collect the used plastic containers bring them back to accumulate credits.  This would help P & G because one of their sustainability goals is to find efficiency in the packaging and materials process. 

CO2ForYou App - Nikki Pillai, Natalie Pillai and Dia Aurora

The most prevalent cause of global warming is due to a surplus of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the most important gas for controlling the Earth’s temperature, as it acts as a blanket, trapping heat and warming the planet. It survives in the atmosphere for up to centuries and puts us at the greatest risk of irrevocable changes if it continues to accumulate. This is why we decided to create an app called CO2ForYou. Our app allows users to effortlessly monitor your carbon footprint by working with your GPS to track transportation-related emissions. Unlike other carbon trackers, CO2ForYou allows you to create or join mini-competitions around the world.

Stop Smoking and Drugs App - Chaiwey Chen, Valerie Song, Michelle Tan

Smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths each year in the USA. We want to inform people that they shouldn’t smoke. Once addicted, it can ruin a life. Our website and game informs people about the consequences of smoking. Letting people know that smoking not only harms you but affects your environment and the people around you as well, is our priority. There are 41,000 deaths each year from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths everyday. We have recognized this problem and we want to make a difference.

Foodsmart App – Lilian Xiao

Foodsmart is an applet idea including gadgets that aims to help people prevent or get rid of obesity.  Obesity, extreme overweightness, is a serious problem in the community - locally and globally - and help should be provided in accessible, educational ways.  Foodsmart is meant to be fun and interactive, helping people fight obesity and inspire others to cope with it too.  While just a design, Foodsmart is a step towards solving one of many problems in today’s world, and inspiring others to take action.

Revive App – Gayathri Aravindan, Aishwarya Thalla and Mallige Anand

Our app is designed to help people cope with loss. People grieve in different ways, so we tried to create an app that could help everyone. From our research, we found that having an outlet for grief may make it easier for someone to cope. That's why we have a section where you can write out your story and upload memorable photos. We also included drums that can help relieve stress. The final part of our app is where you can "email" the person you lost. Sometimes people wish they could have one more conversation with someone who's gone, so we tried to give you that experience through our email simulator. Coping with loss is not an easy process, and we hope that through our app, we can provide support and comfort to people dealing with grief.

Disabilities Awareness App – Shriya Kalluri, Sannidhi Korisepati and Lakshmi Sangireddi

Around the world, people with disabilities are finding it hard to communicate and learn, and aren’t accepted into society.  It’s harder for them to find jobs and opportunities.  Many people have stereotypes and stigma against people with learning disabilities, and this can lead to unnecessary distances in relationships that could potentially be friendships.  This problem affects students with learning disabilities, parents and teachers of these students, and the public.  Our solution will help kids with learning disabilities learn life skills through fun activities.  It will also help others develop a deeper understanding for the challenges and problems these kids face.