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Championship Requirements & rules

  • Girls attending 5th through 8th grade in the 2017-18 school year or home school living in the DC Metro region (Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC) can participate.

  • Up to 3 girls in each team including a team leader.  Individuals can compete as well, but are graded the same way as teams. All participants must be endorsed by their parents.

  • FIRST STEP: Registration must have the following:

    • Get ready with the following information:

      • Team Members: List team leader, team member(s) (if any), grade(s) and e-mail address(es).

      • Topic:  Must be one of the 5 topics provided.

    • Submit your participation application online using this link: CLOSED.

    • Submit your questions/clarifications using this link: Request for Information 

  • All SheSoft correspondence will be done with the team leader.

  • Attend the seminars and webinars conducted by SheSoft so that you can get through the process of online registration, software application submission, and the final report uploads on SheSoft website.

  • As part of EXECUTION STEP, webinars and workshops will be provided periodically to keep in touch with the participants so that you can learn and build your amazing software application. 

  • SheSoft team will visit your school and provide additional information required to understand SheSoft competition so that you can enjoy and prepare well.

  • FINAL STEP: The software final submission must include the following:

    • Document submission (not more than 10 pages) – the “SheSoft Doc”:

      • Introduction – 1 page with a narrative about your topic and how your software helps the community around you. You might build a machine and use software to perform tasks that can support your claims. Please make sure you provide a good narrative of the topic covered.

      • Background – up to 2 pages giving relevant background on the topic covered and how your software application can support the topic. Please include minimum of five references to support your claims.

      • Summary – up to 4 pages sighting all the technologies used, testing procedures and challenges faced during the project. If you have built any prototypes, please make sure they have been highlighted with sketches (hand written or using computer aided diagrams). Explain all the theories and algorithms used to support your software application. Provide some of the pseudo codes in the summary that supports your software application with the test results.

      • Results – up to 3 pages on how your software application helped solve the topic selected. Include all your observations such as data, notes, charts, graphs, analysis, observations, conclusion and potential further research to support the software application.

      • Submit the SheSoft Doc using the following link: CLOSED.

    • Social Media Posting “SMP” (up to 250 words) Submission

      • Each team must submit one and only one social media posting (the “Outreach”) that will be published on SheSoft Website.

      • Submit the SheSoft SMP using the following link: CLOSED.

    • Software Application Code or Website Submission

      • If you have an application developed to support your project: please submit Software code that supports your application, and how to run the code/software (readme file). This will help the judges to evaluate the project properly.

      • If you have a website to support your project: please submit a document with all the website pages and how to navigate around the website. This will help the judges to evaluate the project properly.

      • Submit the SheSoft Application code or the Website content using the following link: CLOSED.



  • Registration Begins: November 01, 2017

  • Registration Closes: April 20, 2018

  • Project Submission Begins: April 01, 2018

  • Project Submission Closes: May 05, 2018

  • Competition Semifinalists Announcement: May 15, 2018

  • SheSoft Conference: June 02, 2018

  • Participation certificates will be provided to all participants for completing the software submission.

  • 60 teams/individuals will be selected as semifinalists. They will be given SheSoft website announcements (for each team/individual). All of them will be invited to attend SheSoft Conference and pitch their software application or website. They will be given SheSoft Champion T-Shirt, Swag bags with technology goodies and free learning conference sessions.

  • Three (3) teams/individuals will be selected as finalists from 5th and 6th grade level (1st, 2nd and 3rd place). Three (3) additional team/individuals will be selected as finalist from 7th and 8th grade level.

  • 6 Honorable mentions will be given in addition to 6 placement awards.

  • Finalists and Honorable mentions will be given SheSoft Trophies, Final Placement Certificates, SheSoft Website Announcements, latest electronics and press release.

  • Finalists and Honorable mentions will be announced at the SheSoft Conference.