1. how can i register my interest?

Use the following link and register your interest (FIRST STEP): CLOSED.

2. how can i get more information?

Submit your questions/clarifications using this link: Request for Information

3. can i participate if i'm a home School student?

Yes! You can participate. This is for girls who are attending 5th through 8th grade during 2017-18 School Year or equivalent home school around DC Metro area (VA, MD and DC).

4. what are the fees for this championship?

It's FREE! No Fees.


Yes, SheSoft will conduct seminars and webinars to help you prepare well for the championship. SheSoft will be attending your school to give more information on the championship on weekendsupon request.

6. i don't live in the dc metro area, can i still participate?

Yes! The SheSoft Conference will be held in the DC Metro Area and you will have to make arrangements to attend. You can attend webinars and contact us for any support needed for preparing well for the championship. SheSoft won't be able to visit your school.

7. can team members be from different schools?

Sure! Please make sure to fill out the school and parent information in the registration form.

8. what's the final step for the championship?

You must submit the following documents to complete your application by the deadline:

  • Project Documentation (not to exceed 10 page report): CLOSED.
  • Social Media Posting (not to exceed 250 words): CLOSED
  • Software Application Code/Website and Readme file (working program/website and readme file): CLOSED

9. how do you notify if i'm a semifinalist?

You will be notified via e-mail from SheSoft based on the timeline. Finalists and Honorable mentions will be notified via separate e-mails.

10. what's the RUBRICS for my software evaluation?

  • Participation Application (online form): 5 points - the participation form should be completed with a good clarity on project description, technologies used and expected outcome.
  • Project Documentation (10 pages or less): 35 points - the documentation should have a good hypothesis, technical notations, materials used, methods and testing procedures, scientific significance, well documented test results, further research and how your project can help the community.
  • Social Media Posting (250 words or less): 10 points - must have a well documented project abstract.
  • Software Application Code or Website and Readme file: 50 points - must be a working software application or website matching to the project documentation. Readme file should be easy to understand and judges can evaluate the software application easily.
  • Each submission will be evaluated by 3 judges and average scores will be considered. Educators (high school computer science teachers, college teachers and college teaching/research assistants) and industry experts will be evaluating the submissions.

11. who can attend shesoft conference? do i have to pay? where is it?

All Semifinalists (teams/individuals by invitation only) and their one-parent/guardian who gave encouragements can attend. It's FREE! The conference is at George Mason University Engineering Innovation Conference Hall.

12. can i pick my own category of interest?

If your interest does not match with the categories listed, please Contact Us and notify us of your category of interest for consideration.