1. how can i register my interest?

Use the following link and register your interest (FIRST STEP): SheSoft Championship Registration

2. how can i get more information?

Submit your questions/clarifications using this link: Request for Information

3. can i participate if i'm a home School student?

Yes! You can participate. This is for girls who are attending 5th through 8th grade during 2018-19 School Year or equivalent home school. You must reside in the United States of America or the United States Territories.

4. what are the fees for this championship?

It's FREE! No Fees.


Yes, SheSoft will conduct seminars and webinars to help you prepare well for the championship.

6. i don't live in the dc metro area, can i still participate?

Yes! The SheSoft Conference will be held in the DC Metro Area. You can prepare well by attending our webinars and submit your application.

7. can team members be from different schools?

Sure! Please make sure to fill out the school names, parent information (name and e-mail addresses) in the registration form (“Additional Information” section).

8. what are the steps for shesoft championship?

You must complete the following steps before the submission deadline:

  • FIRST STEP: Register - SheSoft Championship Registration

  • SECOND STEP: Complete the application for SheSoft STEM Innovator Award using the document shared with you.

  • FINAL STEP (Optional): Complete the application for SheSoft Technologist Award using the document shared with you.

9. how do you notify if i'm a semifinalist?

You will be notified via e-mail from SheSoft. Finalists and Honorable mentions will be announced at the SheSoft Conference.

10. what's the RUBRICS for my shesoft stem innovator award?

  • The evaluation methodology is same for both individual and teams.

  • Participation Application (online form): 5 points - the participation form should be completed with a good clarity of the team members, their e-mail address, parent/guardian information and notes (indicating team member’s parent/guardian information).

  • Application Essays: 75 points - there are several sections in the STEM Innovator Award. All sections must be well articulated for judges to understand your interest in STEM or potential interest in STEM.

  • SheSoft Social Media Posting: 20 points - must have a well documented abstract.

  • Each submission will be evaluated by 3 judges and average scores will be considered. Evaluation will be conducted by SheSoft Mentors, SheSoft Conference Educators and Working Women in Technology. You will be meeting them during the SheSoft Conference.

11. what's the RUBRICS for my shesoft technologist award?

  • Software App supporting the community problem: 10 points - document explaining the community impact.

  • Working Application (App/Applet): 50 points - the application submitted must work based on the instructions provided in the document.

  • Technology Prototype: 20 points - working prototype of the application and/or product that works with the Software App/Applet.

  • Project documentation: 20 points - Technologist award documentation listing technologies used, prototype explanation, Instructions on how to use the application.

11. who can attend shesoft conference? do i have to pay? where is it?

All Semifinalists (teams/individuals by invitation only) and their one-parent/guardian who gave encouragements can attend. It's FREE! All Semifinalists will be given 2-Night stay in the Washington DC Metro Area to attend the 3-Day SheSoft Championship and Conference. Accommodations will be provided by SheSoft for individuals/Teams and their one parent/guardian. You have to make your own travel arrangements to attend the SheSoft Conference.

12. do i have a better chance of getting the innovator award by participating in the technologist award?

No, these two awards are independent. You must register and apply for innovator award (technologist award application is optional).