SheSoft 2018-19 Championship Finalists

Fifth and sixth grade – Innovator Awards:

  • First place: Anika Bhatia (Project: Plastic Waste)

  • Second place (Tie): Ishani Krovvidy (Project: Global Warming); Chaiwey Chen, Valerie Song and Michelle Tan (Project: NoSmoking)

  • Third place: Sahar Yousif (Project: HealthList)

  • Honorable mentions: Avishi Anurag (Project: TechFast)

Fifth and sixth grade – Technologist Awards:

  • First place: Ashley Chon (Project: Virtual Mall)

  • Second place (Tie): Madeline Blizzard and Esha Madamalla (Project: Safe Snacks); Sampriti Muthuswamy and Asmita Kodityala (Project: Virlthy Food)

  • Third place: Arya Gupta (Project: Refugee_Support)

  • Honorable mentions: Ishani Krovvidy (Project: Global Warming); Chaiwey Chen, Valerie Song and Michelle Tan (Project: NoSmoking)

Seventh and eighth grade – Innovator Awards:

  • First place: Tanvi Pedireddi, Vaishnavi Alluri and Sameeksha Bujagowni (Project: Poverty)

  • Second place (Tie): Jamila Fleet (Project: ENUTRIET); Hillary Yoon, Kristine Nysmith and Madeline Magielnicki (Project: Global Warming); Shriya Kalluri, Sannidhi Korisepati and Lakshmi Sangireddi (Project: Disabilities Support)

  • Third place (Tie): Wendy Yang (Project: Recycling); Rushi Jain and Angelina Xu (Project: Unwind)

  • Honorable mentions: Veera Singh, Lahari Bandaru, and Katherine Saeed (Project: Emergency First-aid); Lilian Xiao (Project: FoodSmart); Nikki Pillai, Natalie Pillai, and Dia Aurora(Project: CO2ForYou)

Seventh and eighth grade – Technologist Awards:

  • First place: Radha Vinayak and Saina Shibili (Project: Remember Earth)

  • Second place (Tie): Sneha Kalyan (Project: Smart Alarm); Suhani Agrawal, Lindsey Zhang and Saragha Surendra (Project: Obesity and Food Wastage)

  • Third place (Tie): Ami Mudra, Akshaya Mahadevan and Leavy Hu (Project: STRESSdefied); Wendy Yang (Project: Recycling)

  • Honorable mentions: Riona Sheikh, Shrusti Amula and Sailaja Kadali (Project: Discite); Gayathri Aravindan and Aishwarya Thalla (Project: Cope with Loss); Eesha Somasundaran and Valentina Suarez (Project: EEVAL income advisor); Lilian Xiao (Project: FoodSmart)

SheSoft 2018-19 Championship Project Summary


REGISTRATION for the 2018-2019 SHESOFT Championship IS NOW CLOSED.

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Participation in the SheSoft 2018-2019 Championship is as easy as

Refer FAQ to understand requirements for Innovator and Technologist Awards



Competition Timeline

75 teams/individuals will be selected as semifinalists.

These semifinalists will be placed in team environment of their interest at the conference paired with Conference Educators/Mentors so that they can brainstorm their ideas and gain experience in building amazing software application to support their interest.

Three (3) teams will be selected as finalists from 5th and 6th grade level (1st, 2nd and 3rd place). Three (3) additional teams will be selected as finalist from 7th and 8th grade level.

6 Honorable mentions (team/individual awards) will be given in addition to 6 placement awards.

Finalists and honorable mention award recipients will be given SheSoft Trophies, Gift Cards per Team (First Place: Google $150; Second Place: Amazon $100; Third Place: Best Buy $75; Honorable Mention: $50 Best Buy), Final Placement Certificates, Book, Latest electronics SheSoft Website Announcements, and Press release. All Semifinalists will be given SWAGs from SheSoft and Sponsors.

Registration Begins: October 15, 2018 (Closed)

Submission Closes: May 01, 2019 (Closed)

Competition Semifinalists Announcement: May 15, 2019

(SheSoft Champions Announced!)

SheSoft Conference: June 08 - 09, 2019

SheSoft 2018-19 Conference

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